Ryan Catlin

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Nov 9th, 2014

#terminal  #zsh  #customization 

It's about time I souped-up my terminal window.

I spent all of 5 minutes following Jilles Soeters' Badassify your terminal and shell

The only unmentioned issue I encountered was having chsh tell me zsh was a "non-standard shell". I fixed the issue by adding the shell's path to /etc/shells in step 4.

Here's the TL;DR

  1. zsh is awesome and has themes. Your term is probably very boring.
  2. Install iTerm2 because features
  3. brew install zsh
  4. sudo echo `which zsh` >> /etc/shells (prevent "non-standard shell")
  5. chsh -s `which zsh`
  6. curl -L http://install.ohmyz.sh | sh
  7. Add iTerm to startup on login
  8. Check out the oh-my-sh themes

A number of themes recommend installing Solarized. I highly recommend it as the colors are indicative and easy to read. Don't forget to import the *.itermcolors files from within iTerm via Preferences >> Profiles >> Colors >> Import...


Map the left option + arrow key to skip words.