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Why AMD?
Jan 21st, 2015

#javascript  #requirejs 

A fantastic read on the "design forces and use of the Asynchronous Module Definition" by the RequireJS team.



Summernote WYSIWYG
Aug 31st, 2014

#javascript  #dependency management  #bower  #grunt 

Just completed integrating the Summernote (@github HackerWins/summernote) WYSIWYG plugin for the creation of blog post content. Summernote is a "Super Simple WYSIWYG Editor on Bootstrap". It was a breeze to setup using bower and grunt.

The only alterations were integrating the editor with the form submission. More details to follow later.

You can view my source code commit for Summernote WYSIWYG here: 

Summernote wysiwg editor for form content