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Why AMD?
Jan 21st, 2015

#javascript  #requirejs 

A fantastic read on the "design forces and use of the Asynchronous Module Definition" by the RequireJS team.



Source Code
Nov 27th, 2014


A friendly reminder:

You can view the complete source code, minus the included username/password files, on my github profile at https://github.com/rcatlin/ryancatlin-info


Nov 9th, 2014

#terminal  #zsh  #customization 

It's about time I souped-up my terminal window.

I spent all of 5 minutes following Jilles Soeters' Badassify your terminal and shell

The only unmentioned issue I encountered was having chsh tell me zsh was a "non-standard shell". I fixed the issue by adding the shell's path to /etc/shells in step 4.

Here's the TL;DR

  1. zsh is awesome and has themes. Your term is probably very boring.
  2. Install iTerm2 because features
  3. brew install zsh
  4. sudo echo `which zsh` >> /etc/shells (prevent "non-standard shell")
  5. chsh -s `which zsh`
  6. curl -L http://install.ohmyz.sh | sh
  7. Add iTerm to startup on login
  8. Check out the oh-my-sh themes

A number of themes recommend installing Solarized. I highly recommend it as the colors are indicative and easy to read. Don't forget to import the *.itermcolors files from within iTerm via Preferences >> Profiles >> Colors >> Import...


Map the left option + arrow key to skip words.


Summernote WYSIWYG
Aug 31st, 2014

#javascript  #dependency management  #bower  #grunt 

Just completed integrating the Summernote (@github HackerWins/summernote) WYSIWYG plugin for the creation of blog post content. Summernote is a "Super Simple WYSIWYG Editor on Bootstrap". It was a breeze to setup using bower and grunt.

The only alterations were integrating the editor with the form submission. More details to follow later.

You can view my source code commit for Summernote WYSIWYG here: 

Summernote wysiwg editor for form content


Hello, universe.
Aug 24th, 2014

I am a software engineer living in Brooklyn, New York.